"your life - your breathe - your truth - living your true Essence- Being Human spiritually Connected"gds

Here a small Gift from me too you- Mediatation for Self Healing - Forgiveness

In the pursuit of goals and dreams, let self-love be your guiding resolution. It means nurturing yourself with the same care and compassion you would offer a dear friend. Embrace your strengths and forgive your weaknesses, for self-love is the foundation of true happiness and fulfillment. By prioritizing your well-being and honoring your own worth, you empower yourself to face challenges with resilience and grace. Let every decision you make be a reflection of the love you hold for yourself, creating a life that is not only successful but deeply meaningful and joyously lived.

I offer every new moon a selflove Ritual for Woman and Men. As we in this all together as a Human in the first place. With all respect yes we are different as each is so individual, yet in a safe vulnerable Space we can grow together.

When : Every New Moon evening at 18:00

Where: Inlakéch-bern - Rathausgasse 45 -BE

Rechtpreis: 33.-

or become a member and join the monthy payment of 22.- (dauerauftrag)

IBAN: CH23 0900 0000 6121 2812 6

Account: 61-212812-6

July 5 - August 4 -September 2  -October 2  -November 1 - December 1 - December 30

What awaits you: Ritual to the Moon Energy - Open Space for sharing of being human and the possibilty to ask the circle for support

Mediatations - Embodiment - Breathework

A monthly Committment to yourself for only 22.- per month - should Nourish you Soul and bring you more Alignment.