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Whats this all about and whats OUR Mission:

It's time to turn inward and embrace yourself with deep love and compassion. In this fast-paced world, it's easy to forget the importance of nurturing our inner selves amidst external demands. But today, we're stepping into a new paradigm—a holistic approach that honors our need for healing and understanding.

Let's start with you. Think back to those tender moments of childhood, when the world felt vast and emotions ran deep. Perhaps there were wounds—like feeling abandoned when someone you loved departed too soon. These early hurts can linger, shaping how we respond to life's challenges.

Have you ever noticed how certain people or situations seem to trigger a flood of emotions? It's like a call from within, urging us to address pain that's been left unhealed. Instead of pushing it away, imagine embracing it with gentleness and courage.

We're here, a community of souls who share in this journey of inner healing. Together, we hold a space where stories can unfold, where your voice can emerge stronger than ever. This is the voice of your wise, compassionate self—the one that knows what's needed for healing, growth, and living authentically.

Join us in rediscovering that voice—the one filled with clarity, direction, and hope. It's time to unlock your true potential and navigate life from a place of deep self-compassion and love. Let's embark on this inner healing journey together.


For whom is this Workshop

This workshop is for evryone seeking inner healing and growth, looking to connect with a supportive community, and ready to embrace self-discovery and compassion. We inviting parents to do this round as we concentrate on  parenthood.


Embarking on a Conscious Parenting Primal Journey offers:

- Uncovering and releasing past negative patterns to foster emotional and mental wellness. - Tapping into your inner strengths and intuition.- Developing a deeper self-awareness and understanding of your children and life's dynamics.- Feeling empowered in your parenting journey.- Cultivating emotional and physical well-being for yourself and your family. - Clearing away tension and distractions to regain inner peace.- Building healthier connections and communication within your family.- Rediscovering and nurturing your life's vitality and flow.- Cultivating empathy towards your vulnerabilities and those of your children.- Exploring and embracing your true self as a parent and as an individual.

Workshop Details

The Journey is advised to complete through all Root Stems. We have decided to keep the group small with just 8 places at a time. The idea is to hold the imtime space as safe and connected as possible. This Inner work is a committment to yourself and its not about what the others feel or think. As we all alike, simle stories, different expresses and felt. So we invite you in a non- judgmental space.

Bookings & Payments

Booking must be done by the 15 May.

Its your responsibilty to make sure all days are set aside for you during this Journey.

333 holds spiritual significance across various belief systems. Its a message of encouragement, spiritual awakening, inner growth and divine intervention in your life.

This is our thought behind giving this Journey a "price". For me personally my language is energy exchange. One gives our of the heart.

Our Intention is to Contribute to a better place to live as Humans - WE support inner healing - so the children of the future recieve the love and compassion and saftly to develop.

If any person wants to join and has Budgetary constraints please do not hesitate to contact us. We will find a way together.

As we are a Non-Profit organisation - you are welcome to also Sponsor a  Seat for someone in difficulties. Much appreciated.


About your Facilators

Let me introduce you to Geeta Devi Singh, a compassionate soul with a journey that spans continents and profound transformations. Born in R:S:A and now residing in Switzerland for 26 years, Geeta's path began in social work, then evolved through dance therapy, bodywork, breathwork, tantra, and beyond. She delved into the International School of Temple Arts and Primal Childhood De-conditioning, ultimately embracing HappyKids Coaching Education and innerwork.

Everything Geeta offers emanates from a profound wellspring of compassion and love—a treasure born from her own childhood experiences. The simple act of seeing someone and holding them in her sessions, even being called "Mother" by those she guides, is the highest honor and affirmation of her purpose.

Are you prepared to open your heart and welcome this transformative love? Geeta stands ready, pouring out her boundless care and wisdom to guide you through your journey of healing and growth.

"Remember, fear is only a programmed protection." – GDS


Let me introduce you to Natalie Zürcher, a devoted spiritual parent guide who finds joy in the simple beauty of life. Happily married with two children (aged 11 and 9), Natalie brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role.

Natalie's journey is rich with diverse training—from business administration to adult education, culminating in her certification as a spiritual parent guide in 2022/2023 and further studies in "Inner Communication" in 2023.

What sets Natalie apart is her deep connection to nature. You'll often find her at sunrise or twilight, meditating in serene outdoor settings, embracing the tranquility of the moment. She cherishes these moments of stillness as vital for recharging her spirit—a practice now woven seamlessly into her life.

Natalie's calling emerged early in her career while supporting youth and families. She discovered her passion lies in guiding families toward greater ease and joy, navigating challenges with love and mutual understanding.

Her training as a spiritual parent guide revealed that even brief moments of peace and self-love amid the hustle of family life can empower us to move forward with strength and serenity, fostering loving unity with our loved ones. Natalie eagerly shares this wisdom with warmth and empathy.

If you're a parent seeking to create space for yourself and your child to flourish, Natalie invites you to reach out. Together, let's embrace growth, connection, and joyful living as a family.