Embodying Breath

"For breath is life, so if you breathe well -you will live long on Earth"
Sanskrit Proverb

Breathing is Life - Kundalini Breathwork-

DMT Breathwork & Orgasmic Breathwork

       walk in- 35.- chf                                                               10 session - 300.-                                     MOVE - BREATH - SHARE - BE YOU   

Dates will follow beginning on January  2024  


Integrative Breathwork is a powerful methodology, different from simply breathing, different from Pranayama and other breathing practices, and different from meditation.


Automatic Breathing

Breath is life. Breathing is part of the autonomic nervous system and it happens automatically.

Conscious Breathing

Conscious Breathing is a powerful tool that helps us to relieve anxiety and stress, improve physical and emotional health, and restore balance in the organism.


Breathwork is a discipline that uses conscious circular breathing to explore the deeper layers of the psyche, and to integrate the work of body, mind, and heart.