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Nicht immer, wenn wir Sex haben, muss alles perfekt sein. Mit der Einstellung "Der Sex ist gut genug" sind wir auf Dauer viel zufriedener, als wenn wir falschen Vorbildern nachjagen, die wir beispielsweise in Zeitschriften, Talkshows oder Pornos gesehen haben. Vergleiche anzustellen oder der Vergangenheit nachzutrauern kann dazu führen, dass wir uns schlecht fühlen, obwohl wir absolut gesehen zufrieden waren und weiterhin sein könnten.

Besser ist es, das Jetzt zu genießen, mit unserem Partner oder unserer Partnerin, auf genau die Weise, wie wir es gerne hätten – ohne auf andere zu schielen, ohne nach Statistiken zu gehen, ohne zurück zu schauen oder von der Zukunft besseres zu erwarten. Wenn wir bei uns bleiben, tut es uns gut und ist "gut genug".

Yoni Massage Workshop
Namaste beloveds
In a small group of four to six people couples we exchange the yoni and the lingam massage. This course is suitable if you have already received a yoni or lingam massage and would like to learn more about it and learn how to put it into practice. In addition to a theoretical introduction, there will be room for two accompanied full-body massage exchanges, in which the yoni and the lingam will be included as far as is right for you.
Its very important to keep your boundaries. This will be looked at befor we begin our day. We also going to look at the Art of Kommunikation. We invite Authentic - Präsent Touch into the Space.
Date: Sunday 20. Nov 2022
Energie Exchange : Couples 350.-
Singles : 280.-
Please note singles need to secure places earlier as i need to have the same amount of the other gender.
Alle registration by the 10. November 2022
Payments to : lomi-massage-bern
IBAN23 0900 0000 6121 2812 6
or Via TWINT
Be inspired by this new way of touching and its sensuality!
Once you have registered, you will recieve a packing list.
Kopie von Lingam Massage (4)

Yoni Massage Workshop

Anatomy - Communikation - Presence - Authentic Touch - we will be working with silicone Models and we will be open for sharing

Date: 18. Nov 2022

Energie Exchange: 88.-

TWINT or Cash - By Cash please save your spot with your name and address on the following nr. 0793610159 - please note no show will be charged.

Where: Inlakech-Bern - Rathausgasse 45 - BE

please save your spot by the 10. November

Kopie von Lingam Massage (6)

Woman will be shown the S.E.T Technik which helps men come into a total relaxation. This has been shown to help men get out of their heads and into thier hearts. Connecting to his breathing and Feelings. This is a Bliss experience. So Men, maybe you want to get your woman joining me for this bedroom changing experience.

Energie Exchange: 88.-

Registration by 15. Nov

TWINT via 0793610159

cash please send your name and address.

note no show will be fully charged.