Vernissage der Ausstellung "Göttinnen · Shiva · Tantra" - Bilder von Peter Engelhardt

(Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg) stellt einige seiner Werke der hauptsächlich vom tantrisch-advaitischen Shivaismus und den Mahavidya-Göttinnen inspirierten Schaffensperiode (2007 - 2017) vor.
In den kraftvollen, farbig sinnlichen Bildern von Shivas, Göttinnen und Yoginis spiegelt sich die pure Lebenskraft.

Masculine archaeologist, men's coach and men's group facilitator and Rope Workshop Facilitator

Coming Up Rope Workshops in Feb / Marz 2022

you will be expecting a two day workshop.

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MONDtag 2022 "Crescent Moon" Cacao & Prehispanic Dance
from Januar till March 2022
Lets dance!!! I'm not here to teach you anything ❤ I'm here to share with you what I have learnt and what I love and treasure so we can explore and discover together!! ❤
Who is on for a night of cacao and dancing by honouring and recognizing the elements in our movements connecting with the magnificence of our Ancestors ❤
Second M O N D tag of the year ❤ 10.01.2022 Love this date already!
Blossom Cacao
Toltecatl, Chichimecatl, Mexihcatl, Anahuaca Dance
Basic Nahuatl concepts
Tlamanalli creation
Elements dance / "Firma"
Cantos y Palabras
MONDtag 2022 "Crescent Moon" Cacao & Prehispanic Dance